Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flood Pictures

Two times in two weeks we got very close to having the house flood. These pictures are from the Saturday afternoon that the mustang went underwater. Tobie had been checking the street on and off all morning and the next thing we knew we were getting a phone call from a neighbor telling us the mustang was under water. When we went out to push the car to higher ground, I stepped off the curb into thigh high water...quite a surprise.
This was the highest we had ever seen the water. I tend to think the road construction around our neighborhood had something to do with it, but then again maybe not.
In the first picture you can see the water was up to our front walk. It actually got about a foot closer then this.
The second picture is just a little bit later and you can see how high it got. We kept using the fire hydrant as our gauge. We pretty much though if it reached the top of the side parts we would probably be in trouble. But luckily, that was as high as it got.

The following Friday it did this all over again. Luckily or unluckily we were at the Rockets game so we did not have to sit around the house watching it...we just kept getting texts from neighbors about the progress.

Lets hope the next rain storms do not produce quite this much rain.

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