Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bryan Invitational and Cherokee Trace Drive-thru Safari

February 26th we headed up to Bryan for the Brian Invitational. Instead of driving up Friday night and spending money on a hotel room that we would barely use, we decided to go up early Saturday morning then travel a little farther to have a mini-vacation. We stayed Friday night at Nana and Papa Fred's, to give us a jump on the drive. Turned out only to be about and hour and a half drive from Conroe. The drive-thru safari was included in our bed and breakfast price and we were allowed to go through as many times as we wanted. Sunday morning, we were the first people that the animals saw. We even got to see a red fox before he got scared away by the public. Unfortunately we did not get a picture...he surprised us and I am sure we surprised him.

There were two mini cabins on the property. This is Tobie looking in from the front porch. The kids were holding me down and tickling.

Ivy and a Bison.

Izaac and a camel. The camel was extremely friendly. He spent most of his time with his face in the jeep. Ivy was gifted with a huge camel kiss on her forehead which included camel spit. No picture...we were unprepared for the show of affection.

We video taped this meet, so this was the only picture we had. The boys did very well, 2nd for the team level. Izaac, came away with two medals.
After we were done we went to the Dixie Chicken for lunch. We were told it was a must do...typical college bar food. We were also told to order the "Stuff". We did, don't have to do it again.

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