Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's a mystery

So Izaac comes home the other day complaining that his feet hurt and were cracking. They hurt him so bad that when he walked he curled his toes and walked on the sides of his feet. When I took a look, this is what I found. Extremely waterlogged feet. Now here is where is gets strange. When I checked his shoes and socks, his socks were damp, his shoes were not. Yes, the socks were dry to begin with. They had not just come out of the dryer and were still wet...That was idea #1. Then we thought while he was waiting for the bus they got wet while he played football in the grass, but his shoes would have been wet first...Idea #2 was out. Then we thought he got squirted with water and it soaked his socks, he SWORE that did not happen....Idea #3 out. A pee accident he did not want to tell us about that went down his legs into his pee smell on clothes(yes, I checked)...Idea #4 was also out.

So the mystery continued, but the general consensus from a group of co-worker mom's and Tobie and I agree that this is the most likely. We believe that his socks were very thick, and while he was running during P.E. (which he had that day) he sweated a LOT, and continued to sweat in his socks during recess. It was a very warm day, his socks were thick and he is wearing non-breathing Pumas(super cool 70's style)...Idea #5, the best we can come up with.

Please feel free to add your hypothesis to our list:0)

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